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Are you wonder about:

  • How much can I borrow?
  • Am I ready to buy investment property?
  • How to do real estate flipping?
  • How about for real estate investing for dummies?
  • Which neighborhood is best for property investment?
  • Should I buy a townhouse, apartment or house?
  • What do I do with staging, decluttering, depersonalizing…?
  • There are thousands of Realtors out there, who do I choose? 


Thinking of Buying?
 Don’t Miss Out on These Important Keys to Buying Your Next Home That’ll Save You Thousands?
Thinking of Selling?
The Industry Secrets to Selling Your Home Fast and for Top Dollar.
Thinking of Developing?
 Are You Making These Real Estate Developing Mistakes?


1. How Do Realtors Get Paid? How Much Do They Charge?

Purchaser’s agents: If purchaser choose to purchase Primary market/ new development real estate,  it generally doesn’t cost you money to use a Realtor to help you buy a place. If purchaser choose to purchase secondary market, then purchase will be charge 3% of Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) price.

Listing agents: Listing agents get paid by the seller when they sell your home. It’s laid out in the listing contract that you sign which is 3% of Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) price.

Real estate agent’s fees in Malaysia are regulated by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia (LLPEH).

This does not include SST and the Realtor does not get paid this. This amount is commonly split with the buyer agent’s brokerage. It’s important to note that Realtors get paid ONLY AFTER the real estate brokerage takes some sort of cut and fee on the transaction.

2. How Do I Choose A Realtor?

To answer this, I’ll give you a few TIPS on How NOT To Choose A Realtor.

Number 1: DON’T choose a Realtor just because they are a relative, friend or you know them.

Number 2: DON’T judge a Realtor by what you see. Just because their signs and flyers are everywhere just means they’re good at spending money, it doesn’t mean they’re going to provide you the service you need.

Number 3: A busy Realtor isn’t a bad one. A busy Realtor with good time management is better than a Realtor who has tonnes of time but poor time management. Having said that, don’t choose a Realtor who’s TOO BUSY for you.

Number 4: DON’T choose a Realtor SOLELY based on the years of experience. 10 years of incompetence doesn’t make a Realtor competent. Sometimes new Realtors are more informed and trained than those in the business for years.

It’s not so important how much the Realtor knows but how willing the Realtor is to find out the answers to questions. I prefer a Malaysia Realtor who’ll do what it takes to find the answer than one who’s been in the business for years but won’t take the steps to find answers.

Bottom Line: There’s no 1 size fits all. Some want the cheapest, some want the consultant type, some want the nurture and care, some want the super fast paced type, etc…

3. How Much Is My House Worth?

Let me ask you. When do you want to sell your home? If you want to sell it now, then I can do a market evaluation. But if you want to sell your home 6 months later, then a market evaluation should be done 6 months later. An outdated evaluation is as useful as outdated stock prices. It’s a nice to know, but that’s about it.

4. Should I Buy Or Sell Now? When Is The Best Time To Buy Or Sell?

It depends. There are pros and cons to buying and selling at different times of the year. I go into detail in my blog post and video. The simple answer is buy or sell when you’re ready to buy or sell.

5. I Want To Invest In Malaysia Real Estate, How Should I Start? Where Should I Invest?

Do you want to invest for cash flow?

Asset appreciation?

Is there a focus on 1 or the other?

You should make appointment with me, face to face I will guide you the easiest way yet inner circle will want you to know that! If you are finding other realtor, they should understand basic economic fundamentals, the market, supply and demand, cash flow analysis, creative financing, and many types of creative real estate investing strategies.

The most important thing in Malaysia real estate investing is doing your research and due diligence and working with a team (Realtor, accountant, lawyer, home inspector, home staging, property manager, etc…)


As an award-winning Realtor, Zenz Lee helps investors build short term wealth through buy and flip strategies and helps them build long term wealth through buy and hold and various cash flow strategies.

Zenz  regularly strategically advises her investor clients in matters of structuring, implementation, sales and acquisitions.

Her long term real estate acquisition formula has helped her clients from all walks of life to establish real estate portfolios to meet their long term financial goals.

Known for her creative, unconventional and outside of the box marketing methods, she is paving the way for a new standard in the industry.

Her goal has always been to add massive value through educating and consulting with her clients for the purpose of building lifetime client relationships.

When it comes to advanced real estate deals, Zenz can advise and counsel you through property disposition and acquisitions from preliminary planning and feasibility analysis, to detail goal-oriented marketing and comprehensive sensitivity analysis determined by current residential & commercial real estate trends.

As an award winning Realtor , Zenz also specializes in a number of other real estate services, including:

  • Acquisition and Sale of Residential Properties in Penang and Kuala Lumpur (Houses, Condos, Apartment, Townhomes)
  • Acquisition and Sale of Commercial Properties in Penang and Kuala Lumpur (Industry, Factory, Office, Shophouse)
  • Foreigner Investor for Malaysia Properties including MM2H.
  • Positive Cash Flow Analysis
  • Future Value and Present Value Analysis
  • Return on Capital Analysis
  • Creative Win/Win Rental Strategies for Landlord/Tenants

Before Real Estate, Zenz worked in the digital marketing world for 10 years before going  towards her childhood passion of real estate.

Seeing the fierce competitive atmosphere, she quickly established her foundation rooted in her beliefs in honesty, ethics and integrity in all matters.

Since then, she has been focused on serving her clients one by one with a mission to provide an exceptional home buying/selling experience through her no pressure, unconventional, outside of the box marketing, dedicated consulting and client care for the purpose of establishing lifelong relationships.

For an in-depth assessment of your real estate needs—and an extensive list of the hottest list of residential properties for sale in the Penang and Kuala Lumpur Area–call Zenz Lee.


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